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Product Support

If you’re having problems with OurGroceries, please look at the “Problems” section of our FAQ in case you’ve run into one of the more common problems.

If the FAQ doesn’t help, you can contact customer support by email. Please note that we receive a high volume of email, but we will do our best to reply promptly.

Our customer support email address is: support@ourgroceries.com.

About Us

The OurGroceries app was created by OurGroceries, Inc., a software company headquartered in San Francisco, California with an R&D office in Waterloo, Ontario. OurGroceries was founded in 2009 by two high-tech start-up veterans with a passion for making software that makes people happy.

Our dream at OurGroceries is data ubiquity: your data available wherever you are, on all your devices, invisibly synchronized and backed up.

General inquiries can be sent to: support@ourgroceries.com.

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