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Shopping List

Take your shopping list with you wherever you go

  • Never leave your shopping list at home again—it’s always with you on your mobile phone or web browser.
  • Tap the “+” button to add an item to the shopping list. Type in a new item name, or choose from a list of all the items you’ve entered in the past.
  • Tap the info icon to the right of an item to change its name, delete it, add a photo, or change its quantity.
  • While shopping, simply tap an item to cross it off. Tap a crossed-off item to return it to the list.
  • You can drag items around to suit the order you walk through the store.
  • You can create categories or aisles and drag items into them to make shopping even easier and faster.

Share shopping lists amongst everyone in your household

  • Every change to your shopping list is visible within seconds on any other mobile phone grouped with yours, and our website.
  • Group phones by entering the same email address on all of them in the Settings screen.
  • We’ll send you a confirmation email for each phone you wish to share your list with.
  • Once you click on the link in the confirmation email, your phones are all automatically kept in sync.

Share multiple shopping lists

  • You can keep lists for multiple stores (Safeway, Walgreens) or types of stores (hardware store, drugstore).
  • You can even share lists not related to shopping (to do, questions for the pediatrician, wines we like, movies to see).
  • Tap the “Add a shopping list” line to add a shopping list.
  • Tap a list to see its contents.

Browse your favorite meal ideas anytime, anywhere

  • OurGroceries also keeps track of the ingredients for your favorite meals.
  • From the top-level Lists screen, scan your list of favorite meals and pick something to make.
  • Tap on a recipe to see what items you need to prepare it.
  • An OurGroceries recipe is just the main items you need to prepare a dish—you can assume you have staples like salt and water at home.
  • When you want to prepare a recipe, add all the required items to your shopping list with a single touch, or tap only the items you don’t already have.
  • Recipes are shared amongst everyone in your household, just like shopping lists.
  • OurGroceries also keeps track of the recipe instructions.
Android Wear

Shop on your Android Wear watch

  • Keep your phone in your pocket and browse your items on your Android Wear watch.
  • Cross off items by tapping them.
  • Add items with your voice.
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